Touch and Go Acne Stick





Every acne patient’s best friend! The Touch and Go Acne Stick was designed to be a portable “emergency” acne treatment. This product contains prescription medications to attack individual pimples on a number of levels. There is an agent that kills bacteria in the pimple, one to reduce the inflammation of the pimple (redness and swelling) and one to immediately reduce the appearance and help reduce the excess oil in the pimple. It is simple to use; if you feel a pimple forming under the skin, a touch the area with the medicated stick 2-3 times in a day, in most cases the pimple will not surface. If the pimple has already formed, use the product in the same manner and it will significantly reduce the length of time that pimple is visible (pimples usually will resolve in 24-72 hours) This product is a prescription drug and can only be used after consultation with Dr. Costello