Rejuviskin Silk Sun Defense SPF30





This is the only sun block you ever buy that you will want to use every day. This is an antioxidant sun block specifically designed for daily use on the face. This product’s micronized Titanium and Zinc base goes on invisibly, however its oil free formulation actually improves the appearance of your skin! Silk Sun Defense is complete UVA and UVB block and can be used by all skin types. This is non comedogenic and therefore will not cause your skin to break out with pimples, like many polarizing sun screens. From the first time you dispense this product you feel it is different from any sun block you have ever used. A pea sized drop is enough to cover your whole face. One bottle should last a few months. Whether you use it for how it makes your skin appear, or for its protection as a sun block, either way you are shielding your skin again severe sun damage by using this daily