Pearl Laser Eye Treatment

PEARL LASER EYE TREATMENTOne of the first structural signs of aging in the face is noted in the eyes. In the past, once serums and creams were no longer effective, the only alternative was surgery. At Rejuviskin Medical Spa we can provide a treatment that will reduce fine lines and darkness as well as tighten skin under the eyes, without surgery. By using a YSSG laser, we can safely address these aging eye skin issues, with no pain and at a very reasonable cost. This procedure is usually done 2 times with about 4 weeks between each procedure. The procedure is complemented by a simple daily home care crème customized for your use by Dr. Costello. Do you really like those tired eye looking back at you in the mirror? If not, call Dr. Costello and setup an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.

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