Personalized Skin Rejuvenation Program

Personalized Skin Rejuvenation Program

Skin Rejuvenation New Jersey

At Rejuviskin we realize that no two people have the exact same skin or skin issues.  Our success in skin rejuvenation is based on this ideology.  Every person who comes to our office undergoes an initial consult where we discuss what bothers you and what aspect of your skin that can make your skin appear less vibrant and healthy.  We develop a plan of quick and simple home care with individualized chosen products for your issues.

In addition we compound a prescription topical crème individualized for each person.  Our Restore  prescription crème, only available at Rejuviskin, contains multiple prescription strength medications to target all the major aspects of skin rejuvenation.  By individualizing this medication we are able to eliminate a cabinet full of products by putting them all in one jar, making your regimen simple, quick and much more effective  than any “one size fits all product”.  In addition to your home care, we provide regular, no down time, in office medical  procedures at a moderate cost in order  to enhance the effectiveness of your products and improve the appearance of your skin.  In our office we realize that everyone’s budget and time restrictions are different. We will develop a plan together with the patient that will accommodate almost anyone’s budget and time restraints. 

Let your inner beauty shine, come to see Dr. Costello for your initial consultation and let everyone see the person you feel like inside.

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